Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

  • Why You Should Consider Tree Removal When Moving Into A New Property

    While you may have picked a very picturesque and beautiful new home to live in, once you have settled in you may want to consider making some adjustments to the garden surrounding you. No doubt you have some personal preferences that you want to implement, but there are also some more practical considerations you need to take into account. Tree removal is one of those needs that you just don't really think about until it is too late, which is why a fresh start is a good time to make sure you take care of this issue right away.

  • Five Reasons to Raise the Crown of Your Tree

    Crown raising is a pruning technique that requires the trimming away of branches lower on the trunk so that the main branching crown is higher off the ground than it was previously. The technique can be completed in a single session if there are only a few branches to remove in order to raise the crown. If more significant pruning is necessary to raise the crown height as desired, then the pruning may need to take place over a couple of years in order to avoid stressing the tree.

  • Need to Cut a Tree Down? Hire a Tree Service to Do This for You

    If you have a dead tree in your yard you need to remove it quickly. If you do not the tree or branches could fall causing injury or damage to things near the tree. Also, if the tree is diseased you need to remove it before the disease spreads to other trees on your property. It can be dangerous cutting down a tree so hire a tree service to do this for you.

  • When Is The Best Time To Trim Your Trees?

    By now, you already know that tree trimming is important for maintaining healthy trees, improving aesthetics, increasing productivity, and view enhancement. But perhaps you're wondering which time of the year is best to trim your trees.  Generally, there is never a wrong time to eliminate diseased, damaged, or dead branches. But your tree may benefit more from trimming in some months than others. Keep reading to learn more about tree care.

  • Bring In Natural Light For An Older House By Removing Trees

    After moving to a house with many trees on the property, there could be concerns over the shade they provide. While it's helpful to have some shade to enjoy spending time outdoors and reduce your cooling bills in the summer, you could feel frustrated with how dark it is inside your home. Instead of settling with the lighting in your home reluctantly, it's wise to assess the trees on your property.

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Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

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