Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

Assumptions About Trimming Tree Branches

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Tree care needs are an important part of maintaining your landscaping's appearance and the safety of your property. Despite the fact that trees are among the most important plants on your property, you might not be able to make effective decisions about caring for these plants if your decisions are being guided by some incorrect assumptions.

Assumption: Trimming The Branches Is Always Bad For The Tree

Branch trimming can be one of the most common types of tree work that property owners will need to have done. Unfortunately, individuals might not appreciate the various ways that tree branch trimming services can benefit the overall health of their plants. For example, trimming branches can allow for sick, damaged, or diseased branches to be removed before the disease can spread to other parts of the plant. Additionally, removing damaged or diseased branches will enable the tree to divert its resources to the healthier parts of the plant.

Assumption: There Is No Use For The Trimming Waste From The Tree

Having the branches on your tree trimmed can produce a large amount of waste as a byproduct. Individuals might assume that there is little use for these byproducts. However, the trimmed branches may be turned into mulch that can be used around your property for various reasons. If you want to have these branches turned into mulch, you will need a suitable storage solution that can keep the mulch safe from pests, moisture damage, and other issues that could break it down before you are able to use it. While most tree trimming services will charge additional fees to mulch the branches, this can still be more affordable than paying a hauling service to transport the landscaping waste away.

Assumption: The Summer Months Are The Best Time Of The Year For Trimming Tree Branches

The time of the year when the tree branches are trimmed can have a large impact on the ability of the tree to recover. Those that have this work done during the summer months may find that it can take longer for the tree to recover from this process as it will not be able to collect sunlight as efficiently with branches missing. Having the tree branch trimming work done during the winter months can provide an opportunity for the tree to recover before the warm weather and growing season return. While there may be some instances where it is not possible to wait until the winter months to have this work done, it can be the ideal time of the year for this tree work.

To have your trees evaluated for trimming, contact a tree trimming service today to talk with a professional.


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Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

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