Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

Starting A Tree Trimming Company: What You Need

Johnni Knight

If you want to have a great outdoor job that you can do most of the year, consider a tree trimming job. You need some basic tools and supplies to get started, and so long as you have a vehicle you can use as a work vehicle, you are good to go.

Here are some of the things you need to start a tree trimming services company. You can get started as soon as you have the basics, then build onto your new business as you go.

Basic trimming equipment

Basic tree trimming equipment is what you need to get started in tree trimming, so long as you aren't planning on cutting any trees down or doing any stump grinding. Tree saws and hedge clippers can help you get started on your business. You will need to wear gloves, a safety harness, and safety glasses while working, and investing in a basic step ladder is helpful.


To protect yourself and your clients, invest in an umbrella insurance plan. You want to make sure you have the backing you need in the event you get injured on the job or you accidentally injure someone else or their property while you are doing your tree trimming services. Plus, it makes you more credible as a tree specialist if you have some insurance or if you are licensed and bonded.


Consider training with another tree services specialist before you get started on your career as a self-employed tree trimmer. You can work for a summer doing work for someone else or work until you are comfortable working on your own. It's also wise to take a landscaping and horticulture course at your local community college or trade school. These courses teach you when and how to trim trees effectively and can help you learn to identify different types of trees as well.


There are several ways you can market your business once you start a tree trimming services company. Your best bet is to invest in door hangers, which you can place on the doors of properties that have trees on them. This way, you get to target your market entirely and can have more success in landing your first customers. Follow through with all customer inquiries so you can build a clientele and have positive word of mouth about your business. With time, your business should grow well, and you can expand your tree trimming services.


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Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

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