Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

  • How Do You Save A Tree That Has Been Damaged By Excessive Mulching?

    Mulching around a tree can improve its health if done correctly. Putting mulch on the ground around a tree helps keep it hydrated, as the mulch will absorb rainwater and slowly release it into the soil. However, putting too much mulch on the ground or putting it right next to a tree's trunk can be very hazardous for the tree. Mulch can prevent oxygen from reaching the tree's roots or the root collar at the base of the trunk, which will cause the root system to die.

  • 4 Important Reasons Homeowners Should Not Attempt Tree Trimming

    Homeowners have a lot of maintenance objectives to keep their properties safe. Sometimes they allow certain things to go by the wayside. This may be due to them not recognizing the importance, or they may forget that it is time to seek maintenance services. Tree maintenance is critical for individuals who want to maintain attractive landscapes and healthy trees. Trimming is one of the most important tree services. Ideally, it will be performed by professionals who are familiar with the correct way to do it.

  • Tree Trimming Services: 4 Sculpting Designs You Should Consider For Your Yard

    Giving your yard an edge can be a difficult process, but with tree trimming services, you can achieve the look you want for your outdoor space. Trimming trees is an art that requires precision and skill to ensure the finished product looks its best. By taking advantage of the different sculpting designs available, you can create a beautiful outdoor space. Here are four design options to consider when looking into tree trimming services: 

  • Why You Should Have A Professional Prune A Tree

    Tree pruning is essential for maintaining a plant's health and protecting nearby people and properties. Even if you're skilled with a chainsaw, it's unwise for you to handle the job. Here is why you should always pay for professional tree pruning. Liability Liability is the best reason to hire a professional tree trimming company. If you remove a limb from a tree and it hits someone's house or a person, you're likely going to be liable for the damages.

  • Fruitless Wishes: When Your Backyard Trees Produce Too Much Fruit

    The thought of a large fruit tree in your backyard producing vast quantities of fruit for you and your family to enjoy sounds quite beautiful and tranquil, doesn't it? The reality might be very different. What are your options when you're overwhelmed by the amount of fruit that might be rotting on the ground right outside your home? High Yields The amount of fruit that a backyard tree is capable of producing can be surprising.

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Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

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