Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

  • Storm Damaged Your Trees? Here's What To Do While Waiting For Professional Help

    While it's fun to watch big trees swaying in the wind during storms, it's not so fun when one of your trees suffers storm damage. The time immediately following big storms is hectic, and you may need to wait your turn in line before the 24-hour emergency tree service can take care of your trees. So what should you do? What should you not do? Here's what your local tree service would like you to do while waiting for them to arrive on the scene:

  • The Kinds Of Tree Branches That Should Be Trimmed Away

    If you have trees in your yard, you're probably aware that they should be trimmed from time to time to keep them healthy. But have you ever looked up at your tree and wondered what branches a trimmer would remove, and why? Here's a look at the major types of branches a tree trimmer seeks to remove from the tree. Dead or Dying Branches It is normal for some branches to die as a tree ages.

  • 4 Useful Tree Pruning Tips To Remember

    Pruning trees is one of the most important yard management practices. This is primarily because it enhances your property's beauty and keeps your trees in excellent shape. Some homeowners may prefer to prune their trees themselves, particularly the smaller branches, but this task is best left to professionals. Making pruning mistakes can expose your trees to diseases and pests, affecting the overall appearance of your home. This guide expounds on some tree-trimming tips to guide you in performing this task.

  • Planning To Move A Tree? Prune The Roots During Fall

    Transplanting a tree is often a critical part of sewer pipe repair; a tree with fast-growing roots can quickly overwhelm a pipe that has even the smallest leak in it. Moving a tree away is sometimes the best way to protect the pipe and keep the tree. But to successfully move the tree, you need to prune the roots first, and that has to take place several months before the transplanting.

  • Want To Remove A Tree From Your Yard? 3 Reasons To Seek Tree Removal Services

    The importance of planting trees in your yard cannot be overstated. The tree beautifies your outdoor space, filters out air pollutants, and provides shade during the hot season. Despite all these benefits, sometimes you might have to cut down a tree to protect your property and family members. For instance, if the tree is infected, damaged by a storm, has a hollow trunk, or has numerous dead branches, it is best to remove it before it injures someone or causes property damage.

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Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

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