Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

How Taking Better Care Of Your Trees Can Help Keep Mosquitoes Away

Johnni Knight

Mosquitoes are more than a nuisance. Since they can spread various serious diseases, including yellow fever and the zika virus, they are actually dangerous. You don't want your yard to become overrun by mosquitoes, and having your yard periodically sprayed by a mosquito control service will certainly help with that. However, you can also help keep mosquitoes away by taking better care of your trees. Here are some tree care practices that also have the happy side effect of chasing off these biting pests.

Have your trees sprayed in the spring.

Every spring, arrange to have a tree service come spray your trees with insecticides. Do this in addition to having the brush and grass sprayed for mosquitoes. If you already hire a mosquito control service, you can just ask them to spray the trees in addition to the rest of your space. Otherwise, call a tree service. While mosquitoes do not breed in trees like some other bugs, they do like the shade, which means they tend to congregate under trees. By spraying your trees, you're making the space beneath them far less appealing to mosquitoes.

Have your trees trimmed to increase sun and air penetration.

To keep mosquitoes at bay, you also want to have your trees trimmed regularly. Removing some of the branches will allow the air and sunlight to come into direct contact with more of the leaves. This will ensure the leaves stay dryer, and it will also ensure the area under the tree stays dryer. Mosquitoes are less likely to gather and breed when the tree and the soil beneath it get plenty of airflow and sunshine. Make sure you tell your tree trimmer that airflow is your priority; they can trim the tree accordingly.

Have your trees deep watered to avoid surface watering.

Many homeowners water the surface of the soil around their tree when rain is scarce. The problem with this is that sometimes the water pools on the hard soil and attracts mosquitoes rather than actually penetrating down where the tree's roots can use it. Arrange to have a tree service deep-water your tree instead. They'll inject the water below ground where your trees can use it, but the mosquitoes can't.

If you have trees in your yard, make sure you are caring for them in a way that also keeps mosquitoes under control. Proper trimming, deep watering, and insecticide sprays can go a long way.

Contact a mosquito service in your area today for more information.


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