Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

Four Reasons To Clear Your Empty Lot

Johnni Knight

Whether you are simply sitting on a lot or planning to sell it soon, land clearing is something you should consider. Although there is an expense with land clearing, you will likely more than recoup any losses due to the following benefits.

1. Improve Property Value

If you're planning to sell, then clearing the land can easily increase the property value. Whoever purchases the land will need to have it cleared, so you can usually increase the selling price enough to recoup your investment. The land will also sell more easily. This is in part because it is now ready to build on, but it is also because it is much easier for potential buyers to see any challenges and make a better assessment on whether the property is suited to their needs.

2. Increase Safety

Overgrown lots can pose all sorts of safety hazards. They may attract intruders that will illegally camp or cause problems under the cover of the brush. They are also prone to becoming illegal dumping grounds, which lowers the property value and can stick you with hefty cleanup fees. Further, overgrown lots can be host to a variety of trees in poor health due to lack of fertilizer and rain. These can blow down and cause injury to neighboring structures or passersby. In this case, you may be liable for the damages.

3. Minimize Fire Hazards

Dry brush and dead trees on your empty lot can easily ignite with just a single spark. Since empty lots with brush coverage may attract transients and illegal campers, the chances of ignition are even higher. There is also a high risk if the lot is near a road, where cigarette butts can provide a spark, or near railroad tracks that could ignite a blaze. Keeping the lot clear of brush and properly mowed lowers fire danger and reduces your liability if a fire were to occur.

4. Foster Neighbor Relations

Overgrown lots can attract pests, such as wild animals, rats, and insects, which can cause major issues for neighboring properties. Garbage also tends to collect in overgrown lots, either from illegal dumping or just blowing in and becoming trapped by the brush. If your lot is to blame, these neighbors may complain to authorities and otherwise make your life more difficult. Keeping your lot presentable fosters better neighbor relations, and it also helps boost property values for your neighbors as well.

Contact a land clearing service if you have an empty lot that could benefit from cleaning up.


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Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

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