Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

  • What Should You Do About Trees Overhanging Your Rooftop?

    Living in a home surrounded by trees can feel relaxing and calming. However, trees that overhang your rooftop can be just as much of an annoyance as they are a comfort. They drop leaves into your gutters, and during a storm, a branch may scrape against your roof or even fall on it, leading to extensive damage. So, what should you do about trees that overhang your rooftop? There are two approaches to consider: trimming the tree and removing the tree.

  • Problems Your Tree Might Have (And What To Do About It)

    1. Dead Branches  Dead branches can happen on any tree for many different reasons. Some of the most common reasons for dead branches include disease, added weight (from fruit, snow, or leaves), high winds, hail, and lightning strikes. Dead branches not only look bad, but they can also be dangerous. A dead branch can rot and easily break off at any moment, hitting power lines, rooftops, fences, or even people. 

  • How To Protect Your Property And Plants Through Tree Pruning

    You might sit on your lawn, wishing your trees and yard would look like your neighbor's. Tree care is an integral part of environment conservation and can help improve your yard. Unknown to most homeowners, tree pruning offers much more than boosting your lawn's aesthetic touch. This is a tree care procedure that seeks to cut and eliminate certain parts of the tree that are non-beneficial. They could be dead, infected, or elongated roots and branches.

  • How Taking Better Care Of Your Trees Can Help Keep Mosquitoes Away

    Mosquitoes are more than a nuisance. Since they can spread various serious diseases, including yellow fever and the zika virus, they are actually dangerous. You don't want your yard to become overrun by mosquitoes, and having your yard periodically sprayed by a mosquito control service will certainly help with that. However, you can also help keep mosquitoes away by taking better care of your trees. Here are some tree care practices that also have the happy side effect of chasing off these biting pests.

  • Tree Bracing: An FAQ Guide

    Trees can add beauty and natural appeal to your property. However, when a branch is weak or partially cracked, a tree can become a threat. You don't want it to drop that branch on your roof or on your head! Luckily, tree care companies offer a service called bracing that can make a threatening tree safe again. Here are some frequently asked questions about bracing. Reading through these questions and their answers should give you a pretty good understanding of this technique and how it is used.

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    Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

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