Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

4 Important Reasons Homeowners Should Not Attempt Tree Trimming

Johnni Knight

Homeowners have a lot of maintenance objectives to keep their properties safe. Sometimes they allow certain things to go by the wayside. This may be due to them not recognizing the importance, or they may forget that it is time to seek maintenance services.

Tree maintenance is critical for individuals who want to maintain attractive landscapes and healthy trees. Trimming is one of the most important tree services. Ideally, it will be performed by professionals who are familiar with the correct way to do it. However, some individuals misunderstand the importance of tree trimming being done correctly. This can lead to amateur mistakes that harm trees. The following points identify a few amateur mistakes that can harm a tree.

Wrong Tools

Tree trimming requires specific tools. Individuals who go the DIY route are likely to use whatever cutting tools they have on hand. This can lead to rough and uneven cuts. This can cause injury to the tree, and it may take a long time for the tree to heal. Even if the right tools are used, they need to be sharpened. Some amateurs use dull tools, which can also produce rough cuts.

Random Trimming

Professional tree trimming involves examining a tree to determine which limbs and branches need to be removed. This process is based on identifying dead portions and areas of overgrowth. The average amateur will not be able to accurately make this assessment and may trim away healthy portions. Their actions can stunt the growth of their trees. 

Unprecise Cuts

Proper tree trimming does not leave behind rough cuts. The process should produce clean and precise cuts. This is about more than using sharp tools. The cuts need to be precise to prevent disease and growth issues. There also should not be any dead portions left behind because they can cause decay to spread and attract pests. 

Removing Too Much

Amateur tree trimming often leads to too many limbs and branches getting removed. It is important to realize that trimming involves making cuts in a tree that must heal. If too many unnecessary cuts are made, it can compromise a tree's health. The cuts will be potential entry points for diseases or pests may be attracted to the open wounds. 

An arborist is a good resource to use to understand why it is a bad idea for individuals to attempt to trim their own trees. They can explain the potential consequences of making this decision. Tree trimming that is done correctly can aid in promoting a tree to produce larger flowers or fruit. If it is done incorrectly, it could stunt a tree's growth or impair its ability to produce flowers or fruit. 

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