Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

Why You Should Have A Professional Prune A Tree

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Tree pruning is essential for maintaining a plant's health and protecting nearby people and properties. Even if you're skilled with a chainsaw, it's unwise for you to handle the job. Here is why you should always pay for professional tree pruning.


Liability is the best reason to hire a professional tree trimming company. If you remove a limb from a tree and it hits someone's house or a person, you're likely going to be liable for the damages. A professional tree pruning business is licensed and carries insurance. If something unexpected does happen, they'll be able to cover the liability. Conversely, you'll pay out of pocket because it's almost certain that you don't have insurance coverage for this kind of accident.

Tree Health

Aggressively or improperly trimming a tree can damage or even kill it. A professional has the needed experience to identify how much pruning is reasonable in light of a tree's current health. They also can identify common signs of trouble, such as bug infestations or plant diseases.

Similarly, pros know the best time of year for pruning work in your region. This can limit the shock associated with removing part of the tree. Consequently, the tree will be more likely to heal well. This also may ensure that the tree will flower or bear fruit on time.

Also, the right approach to trimming can promote growth. For example, many pine trees experience problems at their extremities and the bottom levels of their branches. Clearing these sections can help the tree put more of its energy into healthier growth.


Cutting a tree the wrong way can leave it looking ugly. A professional tree trimming company has the tools and talent needed to avoid bad-looking cuts. Even if the tree is in bad shape following a storm, they can determine the least-invasive way to address the damage. In many cases, they can minimize the outward display of the cut, ensuring that the tree looks better.

Targeting cuts is also important. Pruning weak limbs can significantly encourage a tree to resume proper growth. Weak branches will be gone, and stronger ones will display more leaves, needles, flowers, or fruit.


Working with saws and other power tools isn't a simple task even if you have significant experience. This only becomes truer when you operate at the same height as a tree. If you want to complete the job speedily, the answer is to hire a professional tree pruning service.


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Tree Care Basics: A Starter Guide

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